Charles Bordet

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Brave: The browser that respects your privacy

7 minute read

After discovering that Google gives away its users’ data about 347 times a day, I decided to step away from Google ecosystem one step a time. Today: An alternative to Google Chrome that respects your privacy.

Guide to Gradient Descent in 3 Steps and 12 Drawings

8 minute read

Everyone knows about gradient descent. But… Do you really know how it works? Have you already implemented the algorithm by yourself? If you need a reminder, this article explains in simple terms why we need it, how it works, and even show you a Python implementation!

How to Extract and Clean Data From PDF Files in R

10 minute read

R is a powerful tool for text mining. But you still need to get the data first, and it can easily become a pain when you deal with PDF files. This article shows you how to extract what you need and get the data ready for analysis!

SaaS startup: How to predict LTV for new users?

8 minute read

If you have a SaaS product, you already know the question: What is the value of my users? How to predict their churn rates? In this article, I explain how a statistician can help you answer these questions for you.