Manipulate Data with R

Discover R and learn how to move data around with dplyr and the tidyverse.

Statistical Analysis with R

Learn to use R, manipulate data, run statistical analysis, and report results with graphics.

Advanced Statistics with R

For intermediate R users, learn how to run statistical tests, compute confidence intervals, model a regression or produce an ANOVA.

R Shiny

Discover R Shiny and create your first Shiny apps, understand how to structure a Shiny project efficiently from A to Z, until deploying it on a server.

Machine Learning

How to train a Machine Learning model, structure a Machine Learning project, what are the good practices, and how to deploy it in your company.

Custom Training

Tell me what you need, what is the level of the participants, and what is the wanted end result for the company, and I'll make a custom training for you.