R Shiny has now become extremly popular in the R community.

Shiny apps enable companies to easily extract meaning, visualize, and present their data.

With the extensive R ecosystem as a backend, Shiny has become a must-have and found its way even in Fortune 500 companies.

With 4+ years of experience developing Shiny apps, I have become an expert at it, from the initial development to the final deployment on your servers, without forgetting the maintenance.

I also take care of all development good practices, from versioning to continuous integration.

Why Shiny?

Fast prototyping

With Shiny, you can get a complex dashboard in just a few days of work, containing multiple graphics and tables with many features for the user to filter, aggregate, and manipulate data at will.


A Shiny app can welcome dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of concurrent users, if the app has been well optimized and the server well configured. I can help you create a Shiny that will scale to as many users as you need.


I know how important it is to a have an appealing tool. Shiny being a web app, it is entirely customizable with Javascript and CSS to make it beautiful and pleasant to use.

My Services

Dashboard creation

Hand me your data (CSV files, Excel files, databases, ...) and I will clean it, integrate it, and magnify it through graphics, tables, and beautiful maps. You will be able to directly interact with your data thanks to filters, aggregations, and any other data manipulation you need.

Data visualization

Being a data viz expert, I can help you find the best way to visualized your data. Thanks to the ggplot2 and plotly libraries, it's possible to create features-rich and interactive charts.

Design & Branding

Every dashboard I design is built with the visual identity of its owner. Logo, colors, styles, etc. everything is customizable with a little bit of CSS! And if you need a specific and complex design, I know great web designers who can help us.


A Shiny app is nothing else than a web app. Thanks to continuous integration and containerisation (Docker) technologies, deploying it on your servers is smooth, easy, and secure.


To protect your app while letting your team access it easily, I can help you set up an authentication system to protect your confidential data.

Machine Learning & Statistics

Shiny has the strength of R as a backend, which contains the most powerful tools when it comes to statistics and Machine Learning. I can make the inferential and predictive analysis you need and let you make the simulations in the Shiny app.

It looks like that

Example Shiny
Example Shiny
Example Shiny
Example Shiny

Work with me in 3 steps:

Step 1

Tell me about your company and what you need specifically.

Step 2

I write a proposal and we discuss it to add, complete and adapt any element to your needs.

Step 3

While keeping you posted, I complete the project and deploy it in your company.