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Need a data scientist to analyze your data?

My clients hire me for:

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Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning

I help my clients extract value from their data. For example:

LCVLifetime Customer Value: How to predict the conversion rate and subscriptiong duration of a new user for a SaaS product.

Behavioral analysis of patients suffering from Vitiligo (a skin disease) in order to better understand the factors impacting the severity of the disease.

Incidentology studies: Goal is to quickly assess the seriousness and cost of product issues to quickly take actions.

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Coming from a background in mathematics and statistics, I have later completed my theoretical knowledge by starting a PhD in statistics.

Then, I kept developing new skills to first master R and then Python, while diving into Machine Learning and Deep Learning which are topics I have created courses for and consistently write about in my blog.

Building automatic reports & Dashboards

Setting up statistical models and KPIs tracking lead to a continuous monitoring of the indicators and of the model predictions. That’s why my clients usually need to set up all kinds of dashboards.

With R Shiny, I create easy-to-use and interactive dashboards that update the charts and tables automatically as soon as new data is detected. We can:

  • create interactive tables (similar to Excel)
  • visualize data with customized charts
  • extract PDF reports or Excel working files.

A huge strength of using R Shiny compared to dashboard-in-a-box services is the ability to completely customized it to your needs. They’re also easy to maintain and completely automatic. They fetch the data in a database on a regular basis or by the click of a button and update all the KPIs, charts, etc.

Since they use R as a backend, the data is cleaned and prepared with powerful code that can handle millions of data points in a few seconds.

R Shiny is particularly convenient for internal use in a team, to track daily KPIs, interact with the data, or visualize prediction models.

Professional training in R and Statistics

I like to teach so I create online courses. So far, I have been able to gather more than 2000 students with these courses (in French):

I occasionally conduct professional trainings in Statistics or R. Here are a few examples (in French):